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Fishy Biz supply aquariums for businesses as a form of stress-relief therapy in office-based environments since the beginning of its launch early in 2020. As a significant factor in prolonged health implications, stress is a major trigger for health conditions such as high blood pressure, painful joint diseases and heart failure, and is also deemed a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes.

That is why the proven effects linked to the presence of an aquarium in working environments is of particular importance. Aquariums are a tried and tested method of stress relief in working environments when used either in conjunction with hypnotherapy or alone. These benefits have been documented in dental surgeries, waiting rooms and patients awaiting electroconvulsive therapy also.

Aquarium rental from Fishy Biz will also be a fantastic choice for those looking to combine practicality with eye catching beauty. Our aquariums which vary in size and shape can offer the perfect focal point for any office, waiting area or conference room. Providing background entertainment for your office staff, an aquarium can help to create a calming environment whilst also keeping in line with a professional atmosphere, helping to bring both parallels into one attractive feature for all to enjoy. As a unique feature for the workplace, our aquariums are thoroughly maintained and completely hassle-free. From the original measuring-up process, to a completely professional installation, right through to the removal of the aquarium – our company ethics remain cemented into our day-to-day customer care service in offering 100% satisfaction from start to finish.

Fishy Biz makes aquarium hiring fun, practical and effortless. Our experienced technicians deliver a professional full installation, combined with support and advice on-hand to ensure that they leave you fully confident with your new aquarium. Our aquarium hire service for offices and businesses also comes complete with a full service at regular monthly intervals, as well as the supply of a selection of tropical fish of your choice, introductory period for all species included, sufficient fish food and any additional equipment you may require in order to operate your aquarium. With no hidden costs, charges or surprises, we offer a simple turnkey package, offering a fast and effective solution to brightening up any tired office setting.

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