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The Multi-Purpose ROC Cabinet is the perfect partner for suitable sized aquariums and terrariums.


The ROC cabinets are designed with traditional aquarium and terrarium market standard sizes in mind.


The functional yet stylish cabinets provide plenty of storage space for aquarium accessories and technical equipment.


The gloss black and walnut textured finish offer a modern and attractive design that compliments the décor of any interior space.


Features and Benefits:

• Features generous storage space for aquarium accessories and aquarium technical equipment.

• Offers strength without compromising on style.

• Functional and stylish to suit modern décor.

• Sleek ‘handle free’ design with push to open doors.


 Specifications: Available in 8 sizes

Code: Description Dimensions
46170AH Cabinet ROC-450 - Walnut 45W x 45D cm x 78cm H
46170BK Cabinet ROC-450 - Gloss Black 45W x 45D cm x 78cm H
46171BK Cabinet ROC-600 - Gloss Black 60W x 45D cm x 76cm H
46172BK Cabinet ROC-606 - Gloss Black 60W x 60D cm x 76cm H
46174BK Cabinet ROC-900 – Gloss Black  90W x 45D cm x 76cm H
46175BK Cabinet ROC-906 – Gloss Black 90W x 60D cm x 76cm H
46176BK Cabinet ROC-1245 – Gloss Black 120W x 45D cm x 76cm H
46177BK Cabinet ROC-1206 – Gloss Black 120W x 60D cm x 76cm H

Reptile One ROC Cabinets For Vivarium's & Terrarium's


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