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Aquarium  without  braces  made  from  ultra  clear  (low  iron)  glass  with  polished  edges. Silent  overflow  due  to  easy  drain  system. Filter  with  adjustable water  level  &  auto  refill. Fine  filter  area  with  replaceable  filter  bags. Transportable  refill  tank. Glass  sump  filter  with  pre-filter,  two  clear  water  chambers for  use  with  additional  biological  &  mechanical  filters  &  filter  media.  Integrated  emergency  overflow. Elegant  glass  duct  cover. High-quality  cabinet  with soft  close,  white  high  gloss  large  base  cabinet  with  aeration  &  ventilation. Incl. drip  pan.Cabinet  supplied  flat  packed  for  easy  transportation  &  home assembly  with  few  parts.Aquarium: L100 x  W50  x  H55cm. Water  level  approx.:  50cm. Capacity  approx.:  250L Glass  -  12mm front/10mm  back  &  sides/10mm  bottom  with  safety  seam Filter  sump:  L60 x  W42  x  H34cm. Capacity  approx.:  55L Skimmer  chamber  43 x  27cm. Pump  chamber  43 x  11cm Total  system  capacity  approx.:  305L Overall  system  dimensions: L100 x  W50x  H145cm 

Armatus 300 White


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