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Aqua One Mini Reef Marine 160 Aquarium 160 LitresAvailable in Black and WhiteThe Aqua One MiniReef is a complete reef aquarium system consisting of high quality accessories that help to provide an ideal habitat for marine fish and corals. The in-sump filtration system keeps equipment out of sight, providing optimum viewing conditions for your aquarium.Tank Dimensions 90cm L X 45cm D X 45cm H (Black Only)Cabinet 80cm highFeatures & Benefits:-Inbuilt filtration system eliminates unsightly piping running from outside of tank to filter unit.-Comes with an Aqua One Filter Sock.-The included protein skimmer is designed to easily and effectively remove organic waste from aquarium water. The needle wheel impeller reduces bubbles size, increasing contact area between air and water, maximising efficiency. Simple accurate control allows you to adjust the output quickly and easily. The result is cleaner, clearer and healthier aquarium inhabitants.- High quality low iron white glass- MariGlow 40W LED Light Unit- Sump Filter with top up reservoir- AquaFill Auto top up unit- Protein Skimmer- Filter Sock- 200W Glass Heater- 2200 L/PH Flow Rate- High Gloss Aquarium Cabinet- Glass lids

Aqua One Mini Reef Marine Aquarium 160 Litres

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