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Aqua One Brilliance is simply that, brilliant! The stylish Brilliance range comes complete with a filter, heater, LED lighting and cabinet. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fish keeper, the Brilliance Aquariums will be a great addition to any home or office. Features & Benefits:• The included light timer allows you to automate daylight and moonlight cycles to create a natural environment within your aquarium.• LED lighting provides brighter, clearer and more energy-efficient lighting.• Water quality and clarity are maintained with the quiet and powerful canister filter. The modular design provides both biological and mechanical filter media while enabling additional filtration media to be added to customise your filter to suit your requirements.• Resin coated LED panel for a high level of water resistance.• The included glass heater makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature, by providing accurate adjustable temperature and exceptional durabiliView all Aqua OneView all Tank Non KitFishy Biz aims to provide up to date product information including ingredients, size and colour specifications, packaging and product features, as provided to us by the product manufacturer. As product details change from time to time, this information is intended as a guide only and some delay may occur in the updating of our listing. Product images are indicative of the appearance and the product delivered may vary slightly from the product image show. When precise information is important, we recommend that you read the label on the products you purchase or contact the manufacturer of the product.

Additional InfoCode:54111BK
Type:Coldwater, Tropical
Size:180W x 60D x 65 + 75cm HVol. (L):580
Filtration:Canister Filter
Flow Rate:2700L/hr
Voltage:220 ~ 240 AC
Heating:Glass Heater
Power:2 x 300W
Length (Cm):180
Incl. Filter:Yes
Incl. Heater:Yes
Incl. Light:Yes
Matching Stand or Cabinet:Yes

Aqua One Brilliance 180 580L Rectangular Aquarium Set Black (LED Version)

$2,798.90 Regular Price
$2,498.90Sale Price

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