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High Quality Livestock & Materials

Our new Broadview, South Australia, location will allow us to provide a wide range of beautiful, healthy tropical fish to the whole of Australia. We already offer free delivery on purchases over $100 to all areas of South Australia. Our livestock includes all the favourites such as Guppies, Tetras, Gouramis and Catfish. We are also able to order in on demand and specially import rare varieties such as the Arowanas and cichlids. Added to this we also offer a number of tropical crustacean such as Yabbies and shrimp to complete your wonderful, tropical aquarium. See our full range.

To find out more about the range of fish and other products we carry or to speak to our staff about a particular fish then please do get in touch. You can email us at If you wish to speak to us in person call us on 0434690629 

Aquarium Maintenance Services

With almost 20 years of aquascaping and fishkeeping experience and now offering services with nationwide coverage we are one of the foremost aquarium and fish tank maintenance companies in Adelaide and Australia. It is because of this that so many businesses and individuals employ us to maintain their fish tanks. We Rent Aquariums to hotels, restaurants, stores, private residences, offices and families all over South Australia.

Professionalism & Reliability

We have already earned a reputation for reliability and unparalleled service in a short period of time. Our dedicated Fishy Biz team consists of industry-hardened experts that help to maintain and look after your aquaria, whether it be freshwater, marine, or coral reef system. All staff have a minimum of two years experience and you have access to some of the most experienced aquarium experts in the country. This is how we are able to maintain high standards and ensure we provide high quality and valuable services to our customers. See All Services

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